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Town of Pulteney Historian Report

July 2014

    Susan Faber McCullum, M. D. (daughter of Walt & Barb Davis Faber) e-mailed me from Florida regarding some information she needed on the Coryell family for DAR purposes. I gave her the information I had and a couple weeks later I had a call from Cynthia Schwab from Victor for information on the Coryell family for DAR purposes. Cynthia came to visit the office and got copies of some of our information. She thanked me and e-mailed me with information on cemetery stone rubbing paper.
     I hope to get back at that project sometime this summer. I can’t believe that summer is almost half over and it doesn’t seem to be waiting for me to catch up !!!!!!
     I also am hoping to finish working with Donna Conley on the Glenview Cemetery and witching the gravesites to make our records more accurate. They will never be perfect, but hopefully better.
     I want you all to pay attention to the spelling of Prattsburgh-Prattsburg in the news below. As you can see, in 1904 it was spelled with an “h” on the end. In 1981, it was spelled without the “h”. Now, in 2014, it has the “h” back. (old fashioned, modern, and back to old fashioned) This is an example of how history really is important to all of us and how, sometimes, we yearn for the simpler days of yesteryear.       

Pulteney News July 21, 1981 by Conny Tears
       On Wednesday, July 8th, the Pulteney softball team won with a score of 16-9 over the Pine Grove team. However, they lost to High Rollers on Sunday, July 12th, with a score of 12-8. On Monday, July 13th, the Jr. League had a game with Nichols Grocery winning with a score of 13-9 over Fred’s Dairy.
     George & Helen Dunn returned home on Thursday, July 9th, after vacationing in Canada.
     Rinnie Daggett, son of Ernie & Sharon , returned home on Sunday,July 19th, from basketball camp at Mansfield State College, Pa., where he spent a week.
     Mae Gelder returned home on Thursday, July 9th, after traveling with her son Charlie and his family near Toronto, Canada.
     Betty Snyder celebrated her birthday, July 13th, at her daughter’s, Jeanne & Bub Underhill, in Prattsburg. The party was attended by her other children and their families and also by Ruth Stone, June Allis, and Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tears. (As a side note, Mom will be 90 on Sunday)           

Pine Grove News July 5, 1894
     E.C. Brush and D.A. Arnold are setting up their portable saw mill on the timer lot of Frank Beach, where they expect to begin work soon.
     Dute Thomas is building a barn.
     Wallace Stone mourns the loss of his pet skunk. We extend our sympathy.
     Geo. Hutches of Catawba has been the guest of Isaac Rosencrants for a few days.
     There is a person in this place who has nearly wore himself out trying to find out who the Pine Grove correspondent is. He has got him nearly run down now, and if his wind holds out for a few weeks more, he will surely have hime fast, and then woe be it to the poor reporter.
     Geo. Stone of Syracuse is visiting his father James Stone and other relatives here.


     William Hanson of Rochester spent a few days at home last week.
     Orrin Ellsworth of Buffalo is the guest of Lafayette Stone.
     __W_____, the next time you write to three different girls at the same time, you had better seal the envelopes, as it will save lots of trouble.    O.T.

A couple more items from Pine Grove in July 1894 that were too funny to pass up for you readers of this report.
     July 12th – Our patriotic young men (guessing July 4th celebrations involving alcohol) must have gone home with quite long faces Wednesday morning after losing a night’s sleep and not waking a single person. Your powder must have been wet, boys.
     July 26th – Pickers are wanted to pick huckleberries at John Dean. Look out for the hogs !!!!!!
Catawba News July 28, 1904
     Frank Clark and family are preparing to move to Geneva.
     Mr. & Mrs. A. Jones, of Elmira, are at their summer home for a month.
     Miss Flora Hopkins, of Penn Yan, is visiting friends here for a week.
     Mrs. Tinney of Penn Yan came Sunday to spend the summer at her cottage.
     Phineas Paddock has moved from the William Lewis house to the E.J. Ball house.
     Carl Seastadt and wife, of Urbana, spent Sunday with Will Brown and family.
     Mr. & Mrs. J.G. Arnold, of Prattsburgh, were guests at the Gibson House Sunday.
     Cleon Heath, who has been in Rochester for the last six months, has returned home.
     Mrs. C.W. Holliday and daughter Mary of Albany, are at the home of her mother, Mrs. E. Holley.
     Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Walker, of Prattsburgh, spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. R. St. John.
     The warm weather brings a large crowd along the lake. Every cottage and place that has a roof over it, is filled.
     Mrs. Chas. Baker and two daughters, Madge and Mildred of Penn Yan, are visiting her sister, Mrs. L. D. Jones and brother, Chas. Hopkins.

South Pulteney News July 5, 1894
     Mrs. Harvey Wygant is attending Mrs. Green Cole. The latter is about the house again.
     Mrs. Harry Mills and children visited at Pulteney the first of the week.
     Fred Clark of Prattsburgh was over Saturday.
     Geo. H. Hanson has a litter of five handsome pug pups.
     Miss Mamie Rath of Penn Yan is visiting Mrs. L. Hanson
     Many are busy tying grapes. (I’m assuming this is what we called “tucking”.)
     Master Frank Wilson has been visiting across the lake. It is his first trip alone from home.
     The ice cream social on Saturday night to raise money for purchasing street lamps, netted $13.70. This will add materially to the number already in place.
     Elmer Mann has moved his photographer’s tent and outfit to C.C. Hill’s yard.
July 7, 1890-- Harmon Wilcox has served his time with Mr. Shepard on Bluff Point and engaged again with Emmet Stone of South Pulteney. 

Pulteney News July 12, 1886
     Messrs. Howe: Come over on Thursday to the Grape-Growers’ picnic.
     Rev. John Bacon mad a short call on friends last Thursday; he looks very healthy with his 245 lbs of flesh.
     A daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Hulse.
     Miss Sarah Northrup is no better.
     Mr. Smith Daily is able to work once more; he has to be very careful while out in the sun.
     We hear that a little daughter of John Bachman is suffering from sun-stroke.
     Mr. N. Retan is having a coat of paint put on his barn.
     Rev. J. Bacon, Charles Roff and others are giving their houses new coats of paint.
   Henry Wagstaff is having a new tin roof put on his house; Mr. Ed Robins of Watkins is the tinner.
     Peck has a stock of reapers and mowers on hand.
     Fred Gillett is agent for a combined reaper and mower.
     The jury called upon to decide in reference to a new road commencing at Wagner bridge and running along the north side of gully to connect with road near Wilson Nevyus’ decided against the proposed road.
     Mr. Charles Griswold and family, of Hornellsville, are staying at Mr. N. Retan’s for a short time.
     Anyone in want of jewelry, watches, etc., can be accommodated by calling at Mr. Retan’s.
     Mrs. Wesley Brown is going to build an addition to Mr. R. Sanderson’s house and live with Sanderson’s people.
     Philetus Horton picked cherries from a tree near Dan Green’s shop which measured 3 1/3 inches around. Mr. Guss Osborn measured several from a tree called Spanish Maretta in the yard of R. N. Bennett which measured 3 1/3 to 3 ½ and the average size was 3 1/3 inches. Who can beat it.
     We made a two days’ visit in the town of Barrington, Yates Co., last week and while there heard of several cases of sun-stroke. One of these is in a critical condition.
     The grass crop in Barrington is much better than here; corn is looking good, potatoes nicely blown out – with bugs. They over there have been blessed with more rains than we.
     The rain of last week done us a world of good. Some hopes of late potatoes now, also corn.
     The Pulteney cornet band are to have ice cream and sandwiches at the Grape-Growers picnic. A dance in the evening near the lake on a platform made for the purpose,. Everybody invited.   
Elmbois News July 11, 1907
     The receipts from the ice cream social on Tuesday last were $12.
     Misses Kate and Jennie Semlar of New York are spending the summer with mrs. Ada Potter.
     On Friday evening last Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Tyler pleasantly entertained thirty of their immediate relatives, the occasion being the thirtieth anniversary of their marriage.
     Mrs. John O’Connell and daughter Mary spent the Fourth at Penn Yan.
     Miss Mae Perry of Pulteney visited her uncle, Thomas Perry, and family the first of the week.

 Miss Gertrude Snyder is visiting friends at North Cohocton.
     Miss Belle J. Lewis is camping with a party of young ladies from Hammondsport, near Pulteney Landing.
     Mrs. James Wright and daughter Cora of Wheeler called on friends here Thursday.
     Nest Sunday afternoon, July 14th, Children’s Day exercises will be held at the M. E. church. A fine program of songs and recitations will be rendered, under the supervision of Mrs. George Watkins. The public is cordially invited. The Sunday evening following, the Rev. George Doane of Wheeler will preach a sermon to the young men.

Sharon Daggett
Town of Pulteney Historian


Donations given to Town of Pulteney
July 2014
     A check for $25.00 was sent by Cynthia Schwab from Victor, NY for the time spent and copies made for her regarding the Coryell family.



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