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Town of Pulteney Historian Report
November 2014

     I have had a couple requests regarding history of buildings in Pulteney. I haven’t been able to get to this research yet.
     A few more pictures have been added to the “Military Wall”. They are Christopher Musso, Ray Blazak, and Ernie Saltsman. We now have a total of 111. I only have room for 29 more pictures. When those are filled, we’re going to have to consider putting some on the wall across from these.               
Pulteney News November 3, 1981 by Conny Tears
     The Pulteney Free Library will be sponsoring a macramé class at the Pulteney Town Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm. The class will be taught by Mr. Norm Mehlenbacher. Anyone having questions may contact Norm or Mrs. Pauline Wright. Please bring materials or patterns.
     Mr. & Mrs. William Tears of Pulteney wish to announce the engagement of their daughter, Debra A. to Michael H. Yastremski of Pulteney, son of Mr. Pete Yastremski, and the late Carol Yastremski. An August 21, 1982 wedding is being planned.
     Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Daggett took Mrs. Nancy Santa Maria to dinner at the Hill Top Inn in Penn Yan to celebrate Mrs. Santa Maria’s 84th birthday.
     Mr. & Mrs. Danny Calkins of Brown Road left Friday, Oct. 30, for Albany for the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) Fall Convention. While in Albany, Danny and Linda attended workshops and training sessions. They returned home Saturday evening. While Danny and Linda were in Albany, their children, Gayl, Tina and Steve stayed with Mr. & Mrs. James Cleland in Prattsburg.
     On Oct. 17th, Mr. & Mrs. Fenton Simonson of South Pulteney were taken to the Dresden Hotel in Dresden by Mr. & Mrs. Ed Simonson, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Simonson, and Mr. & Mrs. Scott Simonson to celebrate their father’s birthday.
     Mr. Pete Yastremski has a new grandson, Jason Paul Underhill, who is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Willie and Debbie (Yastremski) Underhill of Prattsburg. Jason Paul weighed 6 lb.13 ½ oz and was born Thursday, Oct. 22nd.
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Button and family were the dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph and Ethel Daggett of Main Street Pulteney, on Saturday, Oct. 24th.     

Pine Grove News November 1 and 8, 1894
1st---     The farmers of this vicinity have begun their fall plowing.
     Everett Dean is building a lumber shed. Geo. Towsley is head carpenter.

  1. R. Dunn is moving George Cawkins of South Pulteney to Penn Yan.

     To Mr and Mrs. Charles Horton, a boy. Charley instead of whistleing two bars and a gate now whistles “Rockaby Baby”
     W. Bennett’s school closed Tuesday.
     The dance at E. Riley’s last Friday night was a success, having a good turnout and a fine time. Elmer, you had better have another one now that you have your hand in.
     W. Stone is getting to be a great huntsman. He is known to shoot five or six times and never hit a thing.
8th---     Cold weather is here once more.
     Dute Thomas had the misfortune to lose a valuable horse Sunday.
     Anyone needing rail fences laid out will do well to call on J. C.

     Mr. Taylor is very sick.
     Fred Towner of Avoca spent Saturday and Sunday as the guest of Richard Cowan.
     Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Van Ness of Crow’s Nest visited at F. E. Andrew’s Sunday.
     Ben Early is getting to be a good stone picker; it is nice work and Ben likes it.
     Mrs. G. C. Clark is having her house repaired. Oren Thayer does the work.
     Ellis Hate of Urbana was the guest of Will Drum a part of last week.
     Quite a number of people from this place went to Penn Yan on the Cricket the first of last week. 
Catawba News November 13, 1919
     Mrs. Clarence White was called to Buffalo Thursday by the serious illness of her daughter Mrs. Claude Payne.
     Mrs. John Getty has rented her farm to L.D. Jones and is moving to Bath, her son Otto Weaver goes to Rochester to finish his schooling.
     Miss Anna Gowan, who has been very sick, is much better.
     Mrs. William Lafler spent Sunday with Mrs. George Davis.
     Mrs. Ruby Houghton and little son George of Binghamton spent a week with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. George McCann.
     Miss Frances Pierce, who is at the Bath hospital, is improving and is expected home next week.
     Miss Florence Wheeler of Penn Yan spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wheeler.
     Miss Gladys Dart of Wayland is visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. William Dart for a few days.
     Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gibson of Pulteney visited Mrs. Ed Gibson at the Gibson House Sunday.
     Miss Mary McCann has gone to Binghamton to spend the winter with her sister Mrs. Ruby Houghton.
     Mr. & mrs. Fritz Simonson, sons Fenton and Paul, visited Mr. & Mrs. John Faucett Sunday.
     Mr. & mrs. James Ranson, son Judson and daughter Louise, visited at J.C. Albright’s last week.
     The South Pulteney Grange will hold a fair at their hall Friday evening, Nov. 21, 1919. They are going to have an auction in the afternoon and the noted auctioneer Robert Alexander will auction the farm products that are given by the members of the grange, such as hay, straw, pigs, a noted rooster, squash, cabbage, potatoes, apples, buckwheat flour, and many others that are not mentioned. Prizes will be given to the most popular man and lady, also on baked goods and to the lady that brings the most old hats that she has worn. A silver spoon is given to the most normal baby under a year old, also one to the baby under two years old and a prize is given to the pupil in the fifth grade in school that can write his name the plainest and to a pupil that is in any grade. Lewis French will pay the initiation fees to the one that donated the most to the grange for the fair. A cream chicken dinner will be served from 5 until 8 o’clock and an entertainment given at 8:30 o’clock. Every one come, bring the whole family, also your friends and enjoy the fair.    

South Pulteney News November 5 & 19, 1891
5th--- C.C. Hill of South Pulteney while cutting bands a few days ago, by a mis stroke of the knife, severed three fingers and a portion of the fourth.     
19th--- Two young men of South Pulteney have just entered the state of matrimony. H.D. Tyler and Miss Sarah Hoad, George Watkins and Miss May Pierce of Canandaigua. The will both locate at that place.
Pulteney News November 14, 1889
     News scarce just now. Everybody at work preparing for winter.
     A stranger by the name of Van Honton is very sick at Mr. Frank Smith’s with the dread disease gravel. Doubts of his recovery. He has worked around here the last summer, part of the time at Mr. Will Hansons. No friends nearer than New York City. He is having good care by order of poor master.
     Mrs. Harvy Pratt not very well. Under care of Dr. Dean of Prattsburgh. Neuralgia of stomach.
     Mr. Alonzo Goodrich, one of our most respected citizens, was buried last Sabbath. His sickness was of typhoid fever and hemorrhage of the bowels. Rev. Mr. Thorn preached the funeral sermon at the Presbyterian Church to a large concourse of people. He took for his text Romans 11, 22d. A good man has gone to his home in heaven.
     Monday evening we were all startled by the cry of fire. It was discovered to be Mr. Frank Chapman’s temporary home, his new barn. He has lived in it for some time while building his new house. Himself and family were out for an evening call, leaving a fire in the stove and lamp burning. It is supposed that a spark from the stove, or pipe burning out, set fire to carpet and sides of the house. When discovered, it was one sheet of flame inside, burning all loose clothing, spoiling chairs, dishes, carpet, window curtaining and every thing of such light order. There being no partitions, of course, it could only burn studding and flooring overhead. The floor overhead was so burned and charred that he will have to put in a new joist and floor and stiffer studding. His beds and bedding and most of clothing, etc., being upstairs, they were much damaged. A great loss for French as the smoke and water has ruined so much. Do not know as he had any insurance. The bucket brigade was on hand and did effectual work, tho’ it did look doubtful about saving the building. Willing hands will do a great amount of work in a short time. French and family have the sympathy of all.    
Elmbois News November 6, 1902
     Mrs. Lyman Horton is on the sick list.
     Lewis Tyler began work for Oakley Wixom this morning.
     Tom Rice, of Wheeler, was the guest of Miss Prue Van Gelder on Sunday last.
     Byron Drew and family are enjoying the privileges of a telephone in their home.
     Mr. & Mrs. D. Collen, of Cameron Mills, were guests of  Ariba Covell.
     James Wilson has finished his summer’s work with J. Shults, of Wheeler, and has returned home.
     Mr. & Mrs. George Sisson, of Italy, visited Mr. & Mrs. Omer Parker Saturday night and Sunday.




     Mrs. Susan Smalley and Mrs. Mae Reed, of South Pulteney, were with Mrs. Etta Wilson last week.
     Mrs. Harriett Knapp, of Huron, Ohio, and Mrs. F.D. Potter visited Mr. & Mrs. Seneca Potter last Tuesday.
     A full house listened to a very impressive sermon delivered by the evangelist, Mr. Mitchell, on Sunday evening last.
     Clarence Bailey, late of New York City, and Miss Belle Merrell, of Cameron, visited his uncle W.E. Van Gelder recently.
     A very pleasant surprise party was given at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Clark Hoose on Friday evening in honor of Mr. Hoose. The guests numbered about thirty.
     Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Van Gelder and daughter, Kate, recently spent several days with George Mitchell’s people of Dresden and Herbert Wixom;’s family of Benton Station.
     Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Tyler visited their brother, Wesley Watkins, of North Urbana, last Sunday. Mr. Watkins has been sick for a long time, but his many friends are glad that he is slowly improving at this writing.

Sharon Daggett
Town of Pulteney Historian 

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November 2014

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