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Town of Pulteney Historian Report

September 2014

      HOORAY----AIR CONDITIONING IN THE TOWN ROOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Virginia Illi called me for more copies of the Historian Report. She said the people at the Presbyterian Church really like them. She said that they must be made of chocolate, because they go so fast. If the Library or Methodist Church would like some, please let me know. The report is also on the website: The only thing that is not on the website is the occasional additional page that I may add. An example of an additional page is the list of names on the “Military Wall”.

     I just received a letter from Cory Ryan of Richmond, Virginia. He just received Glass Negatives and CD of lake property on the point just north of Lakeside Restaurant. His family sold it years ago. It was owned by his grandfather (Fred A Jordan) He was an optometrist and a photographer.  The pictures are views of the houses as well as his ancestors and their friends somewhere in the 1920’s. I will e-mail him immediately to tell him that we would love to have them. I’m so excited to receive such a wonderful gift for the town.

     A proclamation was declared in the Town of Pulteney by Town Supervisor William Weber to make August 24, 2014 “Barbara & Walter Faber Day” to honor their 70th Anniversary. There was a very nice party at the Pulteney Firehouse on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Many people attended and Mr. Weber read the proclamation to Mr. & Mrs. Faber. ( Aunt Barb passed away September 1, 2014.) 

     I just received a belated thank you note from the Historian from the Town of Williamson, NY for the book I sent them in June regarding Maria Ribbe and her Civil War sons. It had been donated by Patricia Gowin, thinking it was about Pulteney, but after further research, I discovered that it was about Pulteneyville, NY which is in the Town of Williamson.     
Pulteney News September 1, 1981 by Conny Tears
     Mrs. Donna Simonson and daughters, Stephanie and Kelley, and Donna’s mother, Mrs. Yost, went to Virginia Beach, Virginia for a week’s vacation.
     The Pulteney Misfits and Banditos played in the Club Valentine Softball Tournament held and the Pinegrove Inn ball field on Saturday and Sunday, August 22nd and 23rd.
     We have some young people off to college for this fall.
     Paul Sprague, son of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sprague, will be going to Cobleskill Tech in Cobleskill. His major is Conservation.
     Bruce Lenker, son of Millie and Jack Hill, will also be going to Cobleskill Tech. Bruce will be majoring in Fishery and Wild Life.
     Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hill’s daughter, Bonnie Lenker, will be starting her Junior year at Niagara University, majoring in Accounting.
     Kim Stone, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Stone, has gone to start her sophomore year at Cornell University. Kim is majoring in Environmental Science.

     The Pulteney Fire Department will sponsor a Country Jamboree on Sunday, Sept. 13. The host band will be the “Lode Star” and there will be five other bands. A chicken barbecue will be from noon until. A donation of $2 will be collected at the gate. All proceeds will go for the firemen’s equipment fund.
     The Town of Pulteney will put up the backstop on the ball field. Also a fence will be put on the east side of the basketball court.
     Shirley Baroody of Springfield, Michigan spent two weeks with her father, Mr. & Mrs. Derwood Gowin.
     Mr. & Mrs. Derwood Gowin also had his grandchildren, Ronda, Robin, Keith, and Freddy Gowin from Jewett City, Connecticut, spent two weeks with them.

     Mrs. Edith Calkins of Zephyrhills, Florida, recently spent three days with her son, Daniel Calkins and family of Pulteney. While visiting with her son and family, they enjoyed a tour of Keuka Lake on the “Keuka Queen”. (I thought it was the “Keuka Maid”. Am I wrong?) During a two week visit in the area, Mrs. Calkins also spent some time with three other sons and a daughter.          

Pine Grove News September 27, 1894
     A number from this place attended the Penn Yan fair.
     Miss Carrie Ingraham of Prattsburg spent Sunday as the guest of Mrs. George Clark and family.
     They were sisters, and we were brothers, and we learned to love the two. (I’m guessing you had to know who wrote this article at the time for it to make sense. Obviously, two brothers married two sisters)
     Misses Lizzie and Matie Race of Potter spent Sunday as the guests of A. R. Dunn and family.
     Willie Dunn has been sick for the past week, but is able to be around again.
     Miss Nellie Wheeler is staying at her grandfather’s and attending the Wixom academy.
     Miss Minnie Riley of this place and Walter Clark of South Pulteney were married at the Baptist parsonage, South Pulteney, By Rev. Beers, Saturday evening, Sept. 22nd.
     One of our sports is afflicted with weak eyes. At first he had one pair of specs, but now he has two. (Ah, there, Hank).   
Catawba News September 11, 1919
      Miss Faith Evelyn of Branchport is visiting Mrs. Wm. J. Brown, for a few days,
     Ray Wykoff of Italy spent the weekend with his son Royland Wykoff and family
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank Miller of Hammondsport spent Sunday with Mr. & Mrs. George Schoffler.
     Mr. & Mrs. George Quinn of Hammondsport visited Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Gibson, one day last week.
     Miss Mildred Cole is attending Hammondsport High School.
     Mrs. Laura Taylor is spending a few days at Avoca.
     Miss Clara Gibson is visiting friends in Buffalo, for a few weeks.
     Mr. & Mrs. Bradley Shuart, son Chandos, daughter Helen, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Draper, son Lawrence, daughter Edna, visited Rev. Wiley Weart and family at Forestville the last of the week.



     Mrs. Wm. D. Brown and son Robert visited Mrs. Charles Perkins at Geneva, last week.
     Mrs. Geo. Davis was at Penn Yan, a few days last week, staying with the children of Bert Davis. They took Mrs. Bert Davis to the Canandaigua hospital for an operation.
     Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Simonson and sons visited at Robert Sanderson the first of the week.
     Mr. & Mrs. James Earley and children of Elmbois visited Mr. & Mrs. Jeptha Bennett over Sunday.
     Mr. & Mrs. Myrtle Dunn and children of Prattsburgh visited Mr. & Mrs. Judson McConnell the first of the week.
     Clarence Davis has gone to Williamsport, Pa where he finds employment.
     Royland Wykoff has sold his crop of grapes on the vines for one hundred dollars.
     Mrs. Francis Cross, daughter Laura, spent a few days at Penn Yan last week.
     Miss Hazel Cross is spending a week’s vacation with her parents before commencing her school at Keuka.      

South Pulteney News September 6, 1894
     Grapes are ripening fast.
     Mrs. Holley spent Sunday with her daughter mrs. Fitzsimmons.
     Mrs. A. Halliday returned Saturday from visiting friends in Himrod.
     Glen Egleston of Penn Yan visited Misses Nora and Jennie Gibson last week.
     Mrs. W. Scott and son Watkins of Rochester visited relatives here last week.
     Ira Horton has secured a position in Indiana and intends going there this week.
     Rev. Segwalt of Hammondsport exchanged pulpits with our pastor Sunday morning.
     Chas. Brooks of Watkins is visiting his sister, Mrs. Beers, and gave ua an interesting sermon Sunday evening.
     There is to be a Gypsy camp social at Mrs. Sarah Bedell’s next Tuesday night. Come and have your fortune told.
     Last Friday night the many friends of Rev. G. A. Beers gave him a very pleasant surprise, and presented him with a handsome gold watch and chain.
Pulteney News September 6, 1886
      The frost of last week Wednesday evening, (Sept. 1) touched the grape vines a little in several of the vineyards. Also, cut some potatoes and buckwheat in Scutville.   (I believe this is Elmboise)
     Rolf Bradbury has gone to Hornellsville to fit himself for an M.D. in the office of Dr. Parkhill.
     Mr & Mrs George Wagener, 2nd, are visiting home (Mr. Melchoir Wagener’s) for a few days.
     Mr. Martin Paul, wife and family, also a daughter of Mr. Joel Tomer, all of Painted Post, are visiting at Guss Osborn’s.
     Mr. Morgan Carey is sick over in West Italy, at his daughter’s Mrs. Shepherd. He is troubled with Bright’s disease.
     Mr. Arthur Wintermute has not been quite as well of late. A relapse. Got out too soon.
     The funeral of Mr. Medad Miller of South Pulteney is to be held today, Monday. Dropsy caused his death.
     Rev. Whitaker gave a lecture on the geography and history of the Bible, illustrated by maps, etc., at the Presbyterian church last evening, (Sunday).


Rev. Bradbury preaches at the Presbyterian church in Branchport every Sunday P.M. at 2 o’clock.
     Mrs. Melchoir Chandler, of Florida, recently sent to Miss Nevyus a grasshopper over three inches long. It’s body was as large as a hummingbird’s. It came in a box and was alive when it arrived. Quite a hopper that.
     Our commissioner, Dean, is putting in a new arch bridge near Mr. Aaron Denniston’s.
     Mr. Frank Hall and family, hardware man of Prattsburgh, gave his cousin Frank Hall of Pulteney a visit Saturday and Sunday.                     
Elmbois News September 4, 1902
      School begins this week with Miss E. Lillian Covell as teacher.
     J.L. Tyler had the misfortune to lose a work horse one day last week with heart disease.
     Mrs. Stephen Smalley and Mrs. Mae Reed visited Mrs. Etta Wilson a few days last week.
     Mrs. V. M. Covell spent last week with her brother at Risingville, returning home today.
     Mr. & Mrs. Edward Watkins, of Hammondsport, and Miss Pearl Porter, of Dun dee, were guests of Miss Lillian Covell the first of the week.
     Mrs. Ida Potter visited Mrs. Jennie Neff and Mrs. Lena Curtis at Hammondsport last week also attending the Group meeting which was very interesting.
     If the young lady from the lake region who devastated a flow border on the Elmbois school ground on Sunday, August 24th, will make an adequate settlement, no legal action will be taken against her. The children of Elmbois have expended no little time and labor on their yard and are justly proud of its fine appearance. A single act of lawlessness oft times destroys the work of years and such depredations are becoming of too frequent occurrence to be ignored.  

Sharon Daggett
Town of Pulteney Historian

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September 2014

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