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Town of Pulteney Historian Report

June 2014

    We just received a letter from the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation stating that 9683 Middle Road, (Philip Argus House & Winery) is being considered by the State Review Board on June 12, 2014 for nomination to the National and State Registers of Historic Places. These Registers are the federal and state governments’ official lists of historic properties worthy of preservation.

     Barry Disbrow had put a picture of Evelyn Cole’s Grocery Store in South Pulteney  (previously Blanche Ford’s Store) on Facebook. When I asked for a hard copy for our files, Lauren Welch said he had a computer program that would make the copy. It turned out just wonderful.  Thanks Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!

Pulteney News June 7, 1982 by Conny Tears
       Congratulations go to Mr. & Mrs. Danny and Ginger Nichiporuk, who are the proud parents of a son, Daniel David, born Saturday, May 22.
     Mr. & Mrs. John and Mary Pizura, Walt Pizura, Mrs. Pauline Levandowski, Mrs. Stella Tears, Mrs. Peggy Tears, and Mrs. Patty Williams traveled to Glens Falls to attend the funeral of their nephew and cousin, James Semchuk. John, Mary, Walt, and Pauline stayed with family members in Glens Falls Thursday night and returned home Friday after the funeral. Stella and Peggy stayed Thursday and Friday nights with Mr. & Mrs. Leon Williams in Clayville.
     On May 23, Mrs. Sharon Daggett, Mrs. Jeanne Underhill, and Mrs. Cathy Snyder took their mother and mother-in-law, Mrs. Betty Snyder, to Herr Jensens’s in Penn Yan for brunch, which was a late Mother’s Day Celebration.
     On May 20, D.L. Kennedy Farm’s ball team won over Smith’s Septic Service with a score of 28-7.
     Michele Williams, daughter of Leon and Patty Williams and granddaughter of  Mrs.  Stella Tears, will be leaving June 15 for Ireland for a three month stay.
     On May 22, Dick & Loretta Sprague and Dave & Judy Stone went to Mrs. Murphy’s Smorgasbord and Lobster House in Bath to celebrate their anniversaries. Mr. & Mrs. Sprague’s 20th anniversary was May 26, and Mr. & Mrs. Stone celebrated their 21st anniversary May 27. They returned to Dave & Judy’s where they and their children had invited family & friends for a surprise party for Dick & Loretta.           

Pine Grove News June 28, 1894
     Rev. J. W. Ingerick and wife are expected home this week.
     Mrs. William Patch’s parents spent few days with her last week.     
     Lewis Hopkins spent Sunday with his father, Mr. E. Hopkins
     Mr. Joseph Briggs called on Walter Bennett Sunday.
     Stephen Veeley was seen in this place Sunday.
     The long-neglected bridge in front of S. O. Brink’s is completed at last.
     “Some talk of gore and some of law, and one used language profane and raw.”
     We hear that there has been considerable trouble arising from the working of a road district not many miles from here. We hope there will be no blood shed, but we also hope that the path-master will persevere and secure a good road.

Catawba News June 19, 1919
     Mr. & Mrs. Claude Payne and Mr. & Mrs. George Hegardes of Buffalo, visited Mrs. Sara Green over Sunday.
     Doris Neff of Hammondsport spent a few days with Mrs. Gladys Dart.
     Mrs. Ira Gibson spent a few days at Hammondsport last week.
     Mr. & Mrs. George Case of Milo visited Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Simonson over Sunday.
     Private Alva Dart arrived home Wednesday from Minola where he was honorably discharged. Also, Private Clyde Finger. We are proud of our boys and glad to see them looking so well.
     Private Wayne Goodrich is spending a week with his Parents Mr. & Mrs. Emory Goodrich, also sisters Bessie & Mrs. Willard Prentiss before going to Boston, Mass. to join his wife and children.
     Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Ball, daughter Delice and son Howard of Hammondsport spent a few days last week with Mrs. Anna Ball.
     The first dance of the season was held at Grange Hall Friday evening and was largely attended. They will have a dance on the Fourth of July and want everyone to come. Ice cream and cake will be served.
     Bert Tuttle of Italy visited Elmer Sullivan one day last week.
     Grapes are growing very fast. Can’t get any help to tie them. Where have all of our young girls gone?

Pulteney News June 26, 1890
      This is to inform you and everybody that Mother Goose is to be given by request next Saturday evening, June 28, at Nichols hall. Said temperance family gave two entertainments last week that were so well liked that it is to be rendered again. Come over and spend an hour with Mother Goose and get your money’s worth. Admission only 10 cents, but no chromos, bananas or oranges as prizes.
     Sunday afternoon Isaac Purue found a dynamite cap and as he hawas like many others, “didn’t know it was loaded” undertook to dig out the fulminate, and succeeded in accomplishing it, but in doing so got a thumb and finger mangled and will have a play spell for a few days.
     The mills only offer 90 cents for best white wheat in Penn Yan, but don’t fail to ask $3.10 for their brand of flour, the Yates. Why is it that wheat is so low and flour so high? Something wrong we think.
     Potatoes took quite a tumble since my last. I was asked 80 cts. For them but since your issue I understand they have been sold for 65 cts. in town. I did not buy at 80 c, and certainly should at 65 if I could have found a fellow foolish enough to lend me the money to buy with. So had to go without.
     Born to Mr. & Mrs. Ed Ball, a daughter.
     We hear that the mumps as well as the measles are going through the northern part of the town.
     A private wedding took place at the home of the bride. Miss Bertie Hagerdorne was married to Mr. Nathan Miller, Wednesday evening the 25th. Congratulations.
     A.J. Nichols expects to go to Rochester, Wednesday, after a stock of goods to replenish those sold out.
     July 4th the post office will be closed at 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. by order of Post Master.       

South Pulteney News June 19, 1902
     Mrs. S.B. Lyon was quite sick the past week     We are glad to hear that Will Draper is able to sit up a little while.
     Floyd Lewis is home for his summer vacation from Syracuse University.
     The Christian Endeavor will have an ice cream social at the church, Tuesday the 24th. All Come.
     Mr. Smalley visited his daughter, Mrs. Wilson and his son James Smalley, last week. His health not being very good, it overtaxed him, and his is now confined to his bed.
     Miss Johnson from Oklahoma, who has worked among the Indians for some years, gave a lecture on her work at the Baptist church Monday evening, which was greatly appreciated by those present.
Elmbois News June 2, 1904
      Children’s Day Sunday evening, June 12th.
     Mrs. J.E. Watkins spent Friday and Saturday in Rochester.       
     Mr. George Karr of Risingville, is visiting his sister, Mrs. V. M. Covell.
     Miss Lillian Covell is at Syracuse, the guest of her brother, Dr. Charles Covell.
     Preaching services next Sunday at 2 o’clock, Sunday-school at 1 o’clock p.m.
     Miss Sade Bennett is still very ill at the home of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Van Gelder.
     Mr.& Mrs. George Osborne, visited their mother, Mrs. Seneca Potter, last Monday.
     The cheese factory is nearly completed and will be ready for business in a few days.
     Mr Alfred Harris was the guest of Wm Bennett and family Saturday night and Sunday.
     Miss Samantha Sturdevant, of Prattsburgh, was entertained on Tues.and Wed. at the home of Miss Lillian Covell.
     The M.E. congregation enjoyed listening to an uplifting sermon, preached by the Rev. E.M. Wadsworth of South Pulteney last Sunday afternoon.

Sharon Daggett
Town of Pulteney Historian


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June 2014

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